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Forest Dark: A Novel, Nicole Krauss

Krauss' latest novel is surprisingly original in its imaginative sweep or maybe not for those who have read her books before. She poses some very mystical questions, like being in two places at once, or the harm we do ourselves by neglecting the spritual. "What if I was wrong?” she says. And then we have some marvelous characters. Jules Epstein is an intelligent, rich, cultured New Yorker who wakes up one day and decides to give away much of his wealth. Nicole, like Krauss, is a writer who suffers from writer's block and is obsessed with the Tel Aviv Hilton, another 'character' in the book, which she thinks is the best example of ugly in architecture. "Brutalism" is her word. And of course, Eliezer Friedman, who wants Nicole to rework some of Kafka’s unpublished papers. I hope I’ve tempted you with these unusual tidbits.


My Jerusalem: The Eternal City, Ilan Greenfield; photography by Ziv Koren; introduction by Alan M. Dershowitz

This is a beautiful, big new book celebrating Jerusalem with stunning photographs and short, personal essays by a variety of luminaries in diverse fields: Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, Yitzhak Rabin, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Abraham Foxman, Dore Gold, Blu Greenberg, Ruth Wisse, Tal Brody, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and many, many more. This book will make an excellent gift.


Estelle recommends:
Dinosaurs Don't Have Bedtimes!, Timothy Knapman; illustrated by Nikki Dyson

Maybe dinosaurs don't have bedtimes, but little boys do. What does Mommy do when her little boy, Mo, is obsessed with dinosaurs and insists that he is one and can do everything dinosaurs can? This charming picture book helps answer the question through Mommy's playful interactions with Mo. Mo insists that dinosaurs don't have dinnertimes, bath times, milktimes, and definitely no bedtimes. They are dirty, messy, cold, noisy, and never tired. Timothy Knapman's hilarious story, along with Nikki Dyson's funny, colourful and bigger than life art, make this story a perfect read-aloud bedtime story for children aged 3-7.

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