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Two She-Bears, Meir Shalev

Three farmers commit suicide around the same time in a small village. Do you believe that? The novel depicts rural life of a moshava in 1930s British Palestine and also transports you to the present. Varda, a young woman who is writing a history of the moshava, interviews Ruta, who has lived there since she was a child. Ruta tells a story that is markedly different than that found in the moshava archives. The book is smart, wise, funny, and Shalev even gives us a great tip on how to make limoncello....the lemon tree makes the difference. I enjoyed the biblical illusions, but don't be concerned- they are explained in the text. They add to the book's warm tone. The novel is violent at times as murder and revenge are present in the incredibly quiet, pastoral atmosphere. There is a strange feeling as the reader sympathizes with a murderer and is drawn in as the cycle of revenge takes over. As usual, Shalev does not disappoint his faithful readers.


David recommends:
Montreal's Street-Art Galllery: The Best of the City's Graffiti and Wall-Art, Archie Feinberg

This book, timed to coincide with Montreal's 375th anniversary, celebrates the urban art of the city. Feinberg's interest in this was piqued about ten years ago by the intricate images and social commentary of these works of art. The author also notes that these modern tapestries reflect the talent of the many men and women of our city. The collection of photographs tells you where you can find the art, which was one of the author's main goals in cataloguing it in the first place. The book makes a great gift whether you live here or not.


Stéphanie recommends:
Under Earth – Under Water, Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

This is a large, beautiful, educational children’s book that can also teach adults a thing or two about what’s going on below the surface of the earth. The book's design is striking and innovative. Each 2-page spread is a colourful infographic depicting, on one half of the book, something that is underground, and on the other half, something that is underwater. It covers everything from tunnels made by wildlife to man-made installations. The text is in the form of speech bubbles next to what it is describing, so reading this book is a dynamic and fun activity. Enjoy it with the curious children in your life!

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