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Asymmetry: A Novel, Lisa Halliday

This is a terrific, fast, playful, and serious novel. If you love New York and the beat of the city you will be right at home. The novel is divided into three parts. “Folly,” the first section, concerns the relationship of an older man, Ezra, a Philip Roth-like character, and a much younger woman, like the author. You take it from there. The second part, “Madness,” is narrated by Amar, an Iraqi-American who after being detained by immigration in Britain, enters a world we don’t ever want to experience. The book is well-written; just read it and see for yourself!


David recommends:
Ottolenghi Simple, Yotam Ottolenghi with Tara Wigley and Esme Howarth

This is another elegant, new cookbook from the famed chef. With over 130 recipes with Mediterranean flavours, there are recipes for any kind of chef. The recipes are even colour-coded by chef type: Short on time, Ingredients: 10 or fewer, Make ahead, Pantry-led, Lazy-day dishes, and Easier than you think. SIMPLE! (Get it?)


Estelle recommends:
A World of Kindness, From the Editors & Illustrators of Pajama Press

Unfortunately we live in a world where empathy, kindness, tolerance,graciousness, consideration, etc. are sometimes lacking. This beautiful, yet simple picture book aimed at ages 3-6 year olds was written by the editors and artists of Pajama Press, a Canadian publishing company. Some of the aforementioned sentiments are presented as questions. Each page deals with a different act of kindness and is accompanied by a colourful original art illustration involving children. The words and illustrations provide stepping stones for discussion. For this reason and its positive messages, I highly recommend this unique book.

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